2014 Walk/Jog/Run Schedule (who’d have thunk it??)

So yeah, this happened…

Here’s the list of events I’ll be participating this year!  Inspired by Trainer Andrea who makes running sound like fun 🙂

June 7:  Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.  With the rest of my HGS Dartmouth team at the Oval at Halifax Commons.  I’m collecting pledges now (click link below).


TBD: Run or Dye – Halifax


September 12 & 13:  Maritime Race Weekend – Tartan Twosome.  Whereby I walk/jog 5km on the evening of the 12th followed by another 5km on the morning of the 13th.  Super big challenge for me and I’m super big excited to try!!  And did I mention the pirate theme??


October 5: Canadian Breast Cancer Run for the Cure.  I’ll start fundraising closer to fall.  This will be the 10th time participating in this wonderful event!



I will update this post if I add more to the list, but this seems like a good place to start.


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One step at a time


I’ve been away for awhile, to Barrie, on business.  I had every intention of working out at the local Goodlife so that seeing Trainer Andrea would not be terrifying upon return, but circumstances did not agree.  I managed to encounter food poisoning, strep throat, and what could be blood clots (still looking into it) over the course of 9 days away from home.  The first thing I said to Boss Lady was that I would stay home for a little while.

My first visit back to the gym was interesting to say the least.  I had been struggling to keep my cookies down while on antibiotics and let me (not) be the first to tell you that when you are queezy, the treadmill is a challenge.  Luckily, I like a challenge so I made it through most of that and the rest of the visit.  Wheee!  The bad news was that while I’d continued to lose weight (not being able to swallow food will help with that), I also lost 5 whole pounds of muscle.  That made me more upset than gaining the 1lb of fat mass.  Back to work I’d go!

What I wasn’t expecting, was how easy it was to pick things up again.  Much like my call centre work, after consecutive days off, skills are a little bit rusty, but it’s pretty easy to shake off and move forward.  Andrea didn’t scale me back any.  In fact, she added not one, but TWO risers to the step-up thingy.  I remember saying something along the lines of, “I’m never climbing steps that high” which made her laugh before making me do it anyways.  It was HARD.  Hard enough that we reduced it some so that I wouldn’t kill my knees. 

Over all, it’s good to be back.  I can honestly say I’ve missed the gym!  Not so surprising, I missed Andrea and the goofiness we get up to together.  Sure does make going to see the personal trainer something to look forward to rather than an exercise in torture.


Next stop:  Races:  Who’d have thunk it?

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Progress starts NOW

Tonight’s workout introduced Andrea to my popping joints and grinding knees. We will be skipping squats… for now…

On the upside, my epic bruise is nearly gone
And my favourite jeans are getting droopy
And I shovelled snow in the blizzarcane without losing my breath
And I can climb the stairs at home without using my puffer afterwards
And maybe, just maybe, there is one less tummy roll under my tee shirts!

And despite my not being a scale kinda girl, we did it on Monday and tonight to see the actual numbers.

Drum roll please………

I am down 5.5 pounds
I have lost 2% fat mass
I have gained 2 pounds of muscle

Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh

And just for kicks, I pre-registered for Run or Dye when it comes to Halifax this year because yeah, it’s nice to have goals 🙂

(And when I told Andrea that, she grinned like a fool and nearly fell off her treadmill)

Today’s post was brought to you by the word AND

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Sambaerobics (someday!)

Ohhhhhh boy would I love to be able to do this without collapsing into a heap afterwards!

because even after all of the work I plan on doing with Andrea, I will sill have me some hips to shake 🙂


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Tuesday March 18

Day 2 with Andrea at the helm.

Despite the achy-ness from yesterday, we pressed on.  Not surprisingly, warming up really does help and sets the tone for how a body is going to react to working out.  My left leg gets tired a whole bunch faster than the right; a combination of Operation Purple Knee and the bunionectomy of 10 years ago.  I notice it most on the recumbent bike, step ups, and push-ups.

I’m looking forward to our M-W-F schedule next week when our times change to 6pm.  I don’t want to go home in between work and the gym and I fear that shopping might become a habit if I end up loitering nearby work :). If I spend all of my money now, I won’t be able to afford the Lululemon shopping spree that I’ve promised myself when I reach my goal.

And speaking of goals…..

I’ve decided that if I look at the big number as my goal, I will feel it taking a long time to reach and end up psyching myself out.  Instead, my countdown to healthy will be recorded in pant sizes.  For those of you tracking at home, a pant size is approximately 10 pounds and my goal is to lose 14 pant sizes over the course of the year.  This will mean a lot of trips to Value Village and the like because clothes are freaking expensive!  Any leads on gently used plus clothing will be accepted with open arms.

a co-worker of mine found an owl shaped picture ‘frame’ so that I could record my progress in pictures.  I will have to find someone to photo document because I don’t want every picture on display to be a selfie.

i have the next couple of days without Andrea.  Wednesday is relax day and Thursday is cardio only so that by Friday I’m not completely worn out.  More news to come this weekend.  In the meantime, I’m going to take an Aleve or two and try not to hurt myself while tossing and turning in bed.


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Monday March 17

The Fundamentals

We all have to start somewhere, and it pays to have a strong foundation. After all, we can only eat an elephant by taking one bite at a time, right? The trick for me is to not feel like the elephant 🙂

Today was my first with a trainer of my very own. Today marks the first time I ever did push ups (vertical). And yes, it was more than one which is more than I thought I could ever do…

Today was also the first time, and not likely to be the last, where I came this close to breaking down when looking at myself in the mirrors. Luckily, a good dose of determination kicked me in the ass and I kept on.

Right now I’m getting by on not wanting to disappoint others that believe I can do this. Someday, that will change to me.

Someday, I will love myself as much as you do.

I promise.

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Physical Assessment part 2: Workout with Andrea

There was absolutely nothing to be scared about.

I don’t know what made me think it was going to be like those old fashioned stress tests… The one where you are hooked up to monitors and made to run on a treadmill until you nearly pass out… But I was wrong.

She just wanted to see what I was up to so far. I had been coming in cold and doing the circuit, so she had me warm up on the bike before continuing on. Post circuit, she showed me some stretches so that I would walk out loose. She also corrected some of my positioning.

All throughout, she had me joking around so I wouldn’t feel so intimidated. In short, she kinda rocks my socks and I have the feeling that we might just be friends after it’s all said and done.

Next step: The Fundamentals, week 1

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